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Moorish Jews Business Insider Tip #1: Be like General Tariq Ibn Zaid and Use Insider Information

The land today known as Spain was conquered in 711 by a General known as Tariq Ibn Zeyad, who was governor of Tangiers. The legendary story of how this land was conquered amazes men and women to this day! 

General Tariq crossed the Strait of Gibraltar from North Africa to land on the shores of enemy territory. Afterward he burnt his ships and gave his army a rousing speech, telling them that there was nothing but waters at their back and the only way was forward. General Tariq proceeded to lead his army in conquering town after town, province after province, faster than expected. 

One of the debated topics of the military conquest was how and why he took up this campaign and came to the land in the first place. It was a bold move considering he had to cross over a body of water and put his army in what one may consider a position of weakness. 

Some say that there were "disgruntled Jews" that were unhappy with the way they were treated by the Visigoths that ruled the land during that time, and that it was them who invited General Tariq to come into the land. Also, some say that it was the "Jews" that threw open the gates of Toledo as General Tariq's army approached. 

Without debating the facts, what we do know is that there was a great risk taken by this military commander and the risk was rewarded. We also know that what followed the conquering of this land was what is called to the "Golden Age of Judaism", and there was much progress and development in the way of life of the Hebrews of the land. They were given religious freedoms that were not typical of that day and time, and they were also given positions of influence and authority within the governments that ruled. The Hebrews benefitted greatly for hundreds of years after General Tariq led his conquering army. 

General Tariq was a Governor and a military commander, not a rookie or private soldier. A leader at that level does not risk his own life and that of his army without having sound information from which to operate from. 

Business today is warfare! Every General or Busines Executive should operate their business by using sound information that lets them know what the industry and market is doing. Sound information can give insight into how to increase sales, how to promote, how to market, and how to beat out your competition. 

In the technology industry this may be called research and development or even data collection. In the military this may be called intelligence gathering. In corporate America- there is such a thing as corporate spies. Whatever you call it, whatever name you give it, understand that your competition is using it  and so should you!

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Introduction to the Judaic Sciences of the Moors & Moorish Jews


The above picture is said to be from 1899, released around 1925 or so. Reading the Hebrew letters in the window, left to right, says "Beth Zion Talmud Torah" or House of Zion Torah learning or Torah study. This was a study group of Hebrews, whose descendants were of Moroccan descent or descendant from what is knows as Sefarad to some, Andalusia or Moorish Spain to others- including modern day Portugal.  These "Moorish Jews" are not descendant to Germans and therefore not speakers of Yiddish (German mixed with Hebrew). They came from a background lineage of Spanish, Hebrew, and Arabic speakers, which was mixed together at times and called "Ladino". 

From this study group in New York, came Rabbi Wentworth Mathews of the Ethiopian Commandment Keepers, Rabbi Arnold Ford, and Rabbi Mordecai Herman to name just a few. 

As you see in the banner, this study group was formed after the advent of the modern state of Israel, which was influenced by a group or ideology called "Zionism" - and the people that held this belief as "Zionist". If you look closely at the banner, the sign does not read "Zionist Temple" , but rather "Zionst". What's the difference?

Zion is biblical and refers to the new Jerusalem, (see Book of Samuel 5) the old Jerusalem was destroyed and the House of IsraEl was scattered across the lands. In Spanish Zion can be spelled Zion or Tsion, and could mean "science". Also some would say that in Amharic (another original language of the east) Zionst translates to "science".

With all that said, the Torah does not refer to a religion known as Judaism, nor does it call the chosen people of God or Abraham's descendants as "Jews". It does say that Judah, would hold on to the scepter of rulership and is therefore considered the "lead tribe" in many ways (see Book of Genesis 49).  So Judah or maybe Judah's teaching or way in modern day is known as "Judaism". 

From where I sit, and from my study, I refer to "Judaism" as the "Judaic Sciences", and if you study the history of King Solomon, of whom Emperor Haile Selassie I of the Ethiopian Empire was a descendant, you will see that the sciences of the Hebrew people were portable. Hebrews or members of the house of IsraELwould take their scrolls, their books, etc. and travel to far and distant lands while still studying the wisdom and teachings of their forefathers. 

These teachings were taken to Sefarad, modern day Spain,  hundreds of years before the Moorish Empire existed. It was those Hebrews that opened the way for Tariq Ibn Zayid to come in as a conqueror of the land. 

In contemporary time, there are a few different sources that say Noble Drew Ali was of Hebrew lineage and came out of the Moorish Zionst Temple of Moorish Jews, including Dr. Alim Bey

For the purposes of the blog post, the "Judaic Sciences of the Moors" are the Hebrew teachings of the Torah as taught and learned by members of the House of IsraEL or "Moorish Jews" descendants of Morocco, modern day Spain & Portugal, also known as Al Andalus (Andalusia), Sefarad, or Moorish Spain. 

For additional info See U.S.S. 13 

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