Friday, April 17, 2020

St. Mary Axum, Ethiopia

Homeroom Course Description

Bishop Moor First Zion Sabbath School
Established 1852

Course Title: Homeroom Class 6-12 grade Junior High (6th/7th grade), High School (9-12 grade)

Department: Bet Asher

Course Number: HM100

Class Meeting Times: TBA

Location: Virtual/ Online

Semester: Spring 2020; April 25th, 2020 – August 1st 2020

Instructor name: Brother Shalauch, H.A. Jabar Odokhan-El


Teacher’s Assistant: Malcolm Foster-El

Contact info:

Office Location: Virtual (Zoom/Google Hangout)

Office hours: TBA

Class Hours: TBA

Course Description:

                                    In the United States, a homeroom class is considered a planning period or for attendance. It is scheduled often at the first period of the day or it may follow the lunch break. During homeroom, teachers take attendance, may collect lunch orders, and carry out other administrative activities. Announcements may be made, correspondence distributed, and the Pledge of Allegiance recited with the right-hand-on-heart.
 It may be used for a period of reading or finishing homework. In some schools, students are permitted to socialize, do group activities, watch television news or read. The home room teacher is often believed to serve a pastoral role for their students, as well as an educational one. Homerooms are sometimes also considered a free period.
At the Bishop Moor First Zion Sabbath School, Homeroom will used to help parents and students meet academic, emotional, and physical needs.
o   Workforce Development
o   Self-Identity
o   Project Family Lineage
o   The Moorish Empire, Moorish Spain (Al-Andalus)
o   Timbuktu, Mali and it’s Libraries
o   Black Towns Post Slavery
o   Egyptian Mystery Schools
o   Pyramids and Mounds
o   Olmec and Native American Civilizations
o   Ancient Ethiopia
o   Physical fitness
o   Mental health

Course Goals:

During the Corona Virus pandemic, the goal of our homeroom class is to help parents and student finish the school year 2019-2020 school year is the best academic, mental, and physical position as possible.

To provide parents and students with culturally relevant curriculum that prepares students for academic success and is engaging. To provide the tools for solidifying a foundation base of math, reading, and cultural awareness.

To provide a self-paced curriculum that covers: current events, career exploration, social skill development, reading and mathematics. To provide an outlet for students that are home from the coronavirus pandemic.

Required text, materials, or equipment:
o   How to Win Friend and Influence People, Napoleon Hill
o   The Richest Man in Babylon, George Clason
o   Up From Slavery, Booker T. Washington
o   Zoom conference line, phone or cell for conference
o   Google Hangouts
o   Computer (or smart phone)
o   Internet access, email address

Daily Work/Homework
Mathematics worksheets
Language arts reading assignment

Major assignments: Family lineage project: An ongoing project that will help students find out more about their ancestors and family lineage

Class Participation: required

Course Grading:
Course will be graded on effort, a checklist of activity will be provided and at the end of each week, students will receive a score of 1-5.
1= poor effort
2= needs more effort
3= acceptable
4= satisfactory
5= excellent

Course specific support or supplementary instruction
Registered students receive a half hour weekly meeting with course instructor.

Course policies and information for students
All students and teachers are required to attend Homeroom class weekly as scheduled and to watch the homeroom daily video.  All students and teachers are to be respectful of others.

For More Information:
$25 registration fee

$10 Weekly ($35/month if paid in total)

Bishop Moor First Zion Sabbath School: Homeroom Class

Moorish-American Hebrew School for children of African or Afro-Asiatic descent
“Devoted to Moral, Intellectual, & Social Improvement”

o   A god centered education that supports culturally relevant curriculum and liberation theology,
o   based on school systems from ancient traditions in Timbuktu, Mali, Moorish Spain, Ancient Egypt/Abyssinia, and the Washitaw Empire. In addition to the foundation subjects, we will be teaching Hebrew, the 12 Tribes of Isra-El, and the Judaic teachings of gematria, supreme alphabet/mathematics in the 2021 school year. 


For More Information:
$25 registration fee

$10 Weekly ($35/month if paid in total)