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The Southern Poverty Law Center: A Tool of Justice or Injustice from a Legal Perspective


The Southern Poverty Law Center


This document serves as legal opinion from an Ecclesiastical Chief Justice/ Magistrate in North America with Legal Authority.


Any information, especially legal in nature, coming from Southern Poverty Law Center should be taken with “a grain of salt” or with “a significant amount of caution” due to past actions, news articles, and for the reason that an SPLC founder (Morris Dees) was recently fired for reasons not fully known. The organization’s validity has been questioned by national and international news sources and should be treated as such.  An information from the SPLC should be taken with a considerable amount of caution and pause.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center Website,

“The SPLC is a catalyst for racial justice in the South and beyond, working in partnership with communities to dismantle white supremacy, strengthen intersectional movements, and advance the human rights of all people.”


According to the news articles, the SPLC has assets that exceed $400 million. As a non-profit organization, the question has been raised as to who provided that type of money to a not for profit and what was exchanged for such large sums.


The SPLC has a reputation for labeling ‘African American’ groups that are loved by their community as ‘hate groups’, causing confusion and social division within the community.  SPLC has listed groups as ‘haters’ that do not carry weapons and have no track record of violence. The SPLC labels groups as “haters” and “extremist”, while working closely with Federal agencies that have a long history of successfully using warlike activities (COINTELPRO) in the “Black”, and other communities, that include- sabotage, disruption, disinformation, assassination and the like. Here are a few articles to better introduce you to the Southern Poverty Law Center.


1.     Republican National Committee resolution condemns Southern Poverty Law Center, claiming 'obvious bias'; Brian Lyman Montgomery Advertiser

August 24, 2020


2.     The State of Hate

Researchers at the Southern Poverty Law Center have set themselves up as the ultimate judges of hate in America. But are they judging fairly?

3.     The Southern Poverty Law Center is a hate-based scam that nearly caused me to be murdered

Roiled by Staff Uproar, Civil Rights Group Looks at Intolerance Within

4.     Has a Civil Rights Stalwart Lost Its Way?

July/August 2017

Friday, February 3, 2023

The Chosen People of God: The Undeniable Evidence


The Chosen People of God:

The Undeniable Evidence

Prophetic Israelite Voices  of North America: 1899-2023


By: Quinn Ryan Foster, Hashim Ali Jabar OdoKhan EL, Yahashua Bin Irivin Don Shabazz IsraEL

Legal Lawful Position

The so-called “Black” man and woman in America are the prophesied chosen people of God.

Primary Evidence

1.      The Bible, Book of Genesis 15:13

Then the LORD said to Abram, “Know for certain that your offspring will be sojourners in a land that is not theirs and will be servants there, and they will be afflicted for four hundred years.


2.      Bible, Book of Exodus 12:40 

The time that the Israelites had lived in Egypt was four hundred and thirty years. At the end of four hundred and thirty years, on that very day, all the companies of the Lord went out from the land of Egypt. That was for the Lord a night of vigil, to bring them out of the land of Egypt.

3.      House Resolution – HR1242 400 Year Commission


4.      African American Registry -1565 Enslavement Document Saint Augustine Florida 8/28/1565




Secondary Evidence

1.       William Saunders Crowdy (1847- 1908)

“While in Guthrie, Oklahoma, on Tuesday, September 13, 1892, the Lord GOD appeared unto William S. Crowdy in a vision, telling him that He wanted him to redeem Israel out of spiritual and mental bondage. Being unaware that he had been chosen by the Most High before his conception and birth as a Prophet to the nations Prophet William S. Crowdy was frightened by this, and subsequent revelations (Jeremiah 1:5).”



2.     Frank S Cherry (1875-1963) “was the founder and leader of one of the early Black Hebrew Israelite groups in the United States. Little is known about Cherry's early and adult life, but we do know that he was born in the Southern United States. He did not go to school but educated himself in both Hebrew and Yiddish and worked as a sailor, during which he claims to have been declared a prophet. He was a 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Mason, and member of the Big Brothers organization.  Cherry claimed to have a vision that African Americans are the descendants of the ancient Israelites, during his time abroad.”





3.      A person wearing a hat

Description automatically generated Ben Ammi Ben Israel (1939-2014)

“In 1966, he received a vision in which the angel Gabriel revealed that the time had come for the descendants of the Biblical Israelites among African Americans, to return to the Promised Land and establish the Kingdom of God! A year later, despite his own anxiety, and the skepticism of many, he led 350 African Americans from inner-city Chicago an a journey to the bush of Liberia, West Africa.The challenges of the sojourn in this West African wilderness would be many, as the pioneers would face the searing heat, poisonous snakes, driver ants by the millions and a rainy season of monsoon proportions… all while living in tents and thatched-roofed dwellings, and forced to learn to feed themselves. In 1969, the first members of that community entered the Promised Land and laid the foundation for God’s Kingdom on earth-simply a government of men and women governed by the laws of God. After initially being received as new immigrants, by 1971 they saw their status revoked. There without legal protection, the African Hebrews, as they came to be known, endured cyclical attempts at deportation, banishment from national educational and health care systems and repeated attacks on their character. Instead of retreating, the Hebrews used the adversity as motivation, building their own schools, health care and economic infrastructures to provide for themselves. By 1990, their courageous efforts were rewarded as legal obstacles were removed and the community became renowned as an oasis of social harmony, free of crime, drug abuse and immorality. Israeli media declared the community “an island of sanity,” and extolled the inspired leadership of Ben Ammi. Even the American Congress took notice, labeling the accomplishments, “the miracle in the desert.”


4.      A person wearing a suit and tie

Description automatically generated Elijah Muhammad, Eternal leader of the Nation of Islam

Final Call Newspaper, What the Muslims Believe, Point Number 5 “Furthermore, we believe that we are the people of God’s choice, as it has been written, that God would choose the rejected and despised.”


5.      A person wearing a suit and tie

Description automatically generated Louis Farrakhan National Representative, Nation of Islam


Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan Saturday, June 26, 2010 at the Atlanta Civic Center in Atlanta, Georgia

I asked the question: “Who Are The Real Children of Israel?” The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has said that Almighty God Allah revealed to him that the Black people of America are The Real Children of Israel. And we are The Choice of God; and that unto us He will deliver His Promise.”


6.      Rabbi Louise Elizabeth Daily – founder Congregation Temple Beth EL, Philadlephia , PA


“Rabbi Dailey, z''l, who was referred to as "Mother Dailey" by most people who knew her, left Annapolis in the 1940s and relocated to Philadelphia, PA.  Once here, she worked as a domestic in a Jewish home.  While there she had an epiphany; there were so many things that the family did which were familiar.  They were traditions that mirrored those of her family in Annapolis.  She felt that this was more than a coincidence, and it was then that she began to pray for guidance and asked if The Most High would teach her "the ways of the Hebrews" with whom she so identified.


“Just as the Children of Israel journeyed through the Wilderness of old, so have we journeyed through a modern-day wilderness full of obstacles intended to deter us from the "Promised Land."


7.      A black and white photo of a person

Description automatically generated Master Fard Muhammad, teacher of Elijah Muhammad

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad identified the Master as being the answer to the one that the world had been expecting for the past 2,000 years under the names Messiah, the second coming of Jesus, the Christ, Jehovah, God, and the Son of Man. When the Honorable Elijah Muhammad asked Him to identify Himself He replied that He was the Mahdi. 


Additionally, for all of those that claim or identify as “Jews” or “Jewish”?

1.      1. Do you follow the Torah or the Talmud?

2.     2.  Why do you say to be “Jewish” you must be so through your mother? Where is that in the Torah?

3.      3. Where does is say to be “Jewish” in the Torah, or that Abraham’s seed was “Jewish”?

4.      4. Where is the word “Jewish” found in the Torah in Hebrew?