Monday, February 12, 2024

Moorish World TV is Guilty of False Advertisement and Must Change It's Name!

Moorish World TV is guilty of false advertising and is using the good name of Moorish Americans to gossip and slander for monetary gain, “clout chasing”, “causing confusion and disruption”, and is manifesting jealousy a manifestation of the lower desires and is of the dark side of the force. His most recent remarks about Minster Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam hiding light from the people, referring to him as a gatekeeper is unwarranted for a man who has so many works!


The YouTube description of Moorish World TV as of 2/12/2024

Moorish World TV is an online platform that focuses on sharing content related to Moorish history, culture, and spirituality. It aims to educate and inform viewers about the rich heritage and contributions of Moorish people throughout history. The platform may feature interviews, documentaries, lectures, and discussions on various topics related to Moorish identity, sovereignty, law, and social issues. Moorish World TV provides a space for individuals interested in learning more about Moorish history and its impact on contemporary society.

Moorish World Tv is also a online platform that researches and reports to the viewers the improprieties amongst individuals and liberation organizations as well as oppressive people and organizations that perpetuates oppression! This also a Cutting Edge Moorish American Moslem Scholarship, News and Entertainment. The Moorish American Moslem Point of view . Hosted By Grand Sheik Taharka Bey” 

Is Taharka Bey (Moorish World TV) an Imposter Grand Sheik of the Moorish Science Temple of America? Moorish American Dynasty of Clerics request Clergy documentation and lineage?


Does content on Moorish World TV live up to the standards of the Moorish Science Temple of America Divine Constitution and Bylaws?


Takaharka Bey gossips like a woman an does not represent the manly nature of a Moor or a Moorish American. He is divisive and is contrary to building unity. He uses fundraisers to pay for lawsuits he files against others who question his status.


The Moorish World TV is a disgrace to the Moorish Divine and National Movement and should be banned amongst any all self-respecting Moorish American. He does not represent Noble Drew Ali in any shape or form. He is a handman or construction owner operator and is looking for a side income by slandering the good name of upstanding men and women. He is a 'socalled Moor' with opinionated gossip for the purpose of entertaining the lower desires of man and mankind.

We question as to who’s tool Taharka Bey really is? Where does he get his authority from” What is his background? How was he prepared to be a ‘Grand Sheik”? Where is his temple located? Who are his temple members?


So called Grand Sheik Taharka Bey is a gossip, a slandered, and is in violation of the Laws of the Moorish Science temple of America – specifically:

Ø  Divine Constitution and Bylaws – Act 3 & 4

Ø  Questionnaire and Additional Laws - Act 4

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