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Rabbinical Traditions: Competing Scholarship Today and Yesterday

In response to Taharka Bey, host of

 MoorishWorld TV 

“Can Freemasonry Free Us/ can Moorish America or Nation of Islam's Freemasons Free Us!”

*Most people use a question mark at the end of a sentence when it begins with a question word, like who when when and why - but he's Taharka is unique!

Yes, Freemasonry and or Freemasons have freed enslaved people in the past. It is a historical fact. It was done in Haiti by Toussaint Louverture. He freed Haiti from its captors, liberated his people, and established a new government based on Masonry.

If establishing the first Black Republic, beating Napoleon’s army, and establishing a government based on masonry is not sufficient enough, for the so-called “Grand Sheik” Taharka Bey, then you may also consider Simon Bolivar, who was a Mason and was also liberator, freeing many of the original indigenous people in South America.

Here are two references for your pleasure!

*Also see the movie by Tariq Nasheed on the Hatian Revolution called ‘1804: The Hidden History of Haiti”

It one paragraph, I defeated the total argument of “Grand Sheik” Taharka Bey, who talked for nearly two hours with opinions and perspectives, who never once quoted the literature brought by Noble Drew Ali.  No Koran, no 101s, no Questionnaire, no Divine Constitution and Bylaws. He shared no perspectives from Noble Drew Ali’s writings or articles about Masonry- NONE! He shared his opinion

Why should the opinion of “Grand Sheik” Taharka  Bey matter – at all?

In addition, lets ask some additional questions. Since Taharka likes to critique others and not “teach the teachings”, maybe it is long overdue that he be critiqued?

Question for Taharka Bey, host of Moorish World TV

1)      Who made you a Grand Sheik of the Moorish Science temple of America? What is their name? How can they be contacted?

2)      What is your educational background or what education and training did you go through to become a Grand Sheik in the Moorish Science Temple of America that prepared you to become lead a Temple.

3)      Can we hear from your temple members about your good works?

4)      Where does your authority come from?

5)      Who vouches for you and your good works in the community?

6)      Do you have any publications, books, essays, or any writings that you have published?

7)      Where is your temple located? Where can we come to attend meetings in person?


Moorish World TV is guilty of false advertising and is using the good name of Moorish Americans to gossip and slander for monetary gain, “clout chasing”, “causing confusion and disruption”, and is manifesting jealousy a manifestation of the lower desires and is of the dark side of the force. His most recent remarks about Minster Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam hiding light from the people, referring to him as a gatekeeper is unwarranted for a man who has so many works!

So called Grand Sheik Taharka Bey is a gossip, a slandered, and is in violation of the Laws of the Moorish Science temple of America – specifically:

Ø  Divine Constitution and Bylaws – Act 3 & 4

Ø  Questionnaire and Additional Laws - Act 4

Also see:

Ø  Holy Koran of the MSTA -Chapter 31-  6, 7

Ø  Chapter 31:1

Ø  Chapter 38: 11, 12, 13


Additionally, I am convinced that Taharka Bey does not do his own research and I will tell you how I know. I listed to him for one hour and fifty eight minutes and it was one of the worst scholarly presentations I have ever witnessed in my life. For each point he attempted to make with pictures and book references, all he could provide was his opinion. 

He gave no references for the books he showed and never once quoted the teachings of Prophet Noble Drew Ali. He never mentioned the 101s or Koran Questions, never once did he quote the Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America, not the Divine Constitution or Bylaws, he simply gave his opinion. The real question may be- who cares what his opinion is? Why does his opinion matter?

He is an under achiever with no works discussing the works of what real men have accomplished. I view him as one that is struggling with jealousy. He stands on the sideline and provides his opinion. He is no scholar, yet acts more like a 'Court Jester'. His scholarship is absent, he has difficulty reading passages that he himself provides, he talks in circles, and at one point referred to himself and others by saying “we’re the planet people.”

Spending any time at all listening to Moorish World TV is likely to stunt your mental growth and to cause confusion in your mind. Taking advice from under achievers who have nor reputable works, no alliances, no partnerships, no publications, and no physical following …. Why would one do that?

Moorish World TV is like “the inquirer” or the gossip column. It's like the Jerry Springer Show hiding in Moorish Garb. Moorish World TV is worst than Young and the Restless, Days of Our Lives, and All My Children. It’s worse than Geraldo. Moorish World TV is guilty of false advertising.

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